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Ferrybridge C Power Station, UK Urbex

Visited July 2017

Discover the rich history of Ferrybridge C Power Station, which was nestled in scenic West Yorkshire. Constructed by the Central Electricity Generating Board between 1962 and 1968, this landmark represented a pioneering era in power generation. As the third installment in the Ferrybridge power lineage, it stood as a testament to technological advancement.

While the ‘A’ Station continues its legacy under RWE as a premier heavy engineering hub, the ‘B’ Station bowed out gracefully after its closure in 1992.

Ferrybridge C boasted a formidable capacity of 2 GW, powered by four 500 MW generating sets courtesy of CA Parsons. These cutting-edge units marked a significant leap forward in power generation technology.

Complementing its main units, the station housed four gas turbines initially, with a combined capacity of 68 MW. However, the retirement of two turbines in the late 1990s adjusted this capacity to 34 MW.

In its operational prime, coal arrived via barges along the Aire and Calder Navigation Canal, facilitated by a high-efficiency barge tippler. Later, a modernized rail delivery system replaced this, reflecting the station’s commitment to efficiency and innovation.

Drawing water from the River Aire, the station’s cooling system, featuring eight towering cooling towers, ensured optimal performance. Standing at an impressive 115 meters, these towers, along with the plant’s towering 198-meter chimneys, were iconic features of the landscape.

Environmental considerations led to the retrofitting of Flu Gas Desulphurisation units to meet the stringent standards of the Large Combustion Plant Directive. However, despite efforts to comply with regulations, units 1 and 2 ceased operation in 2014, and the entire station shuttered in 2016. The decision was precipitated by a devastating fire in 2014, coupled with financial challenges, ultimately rendering the station unsustainable.

Explore the legacy of Ferrybridge C Power Station, a testament to innovation, resilience, and the evolution of the energy landscape.

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