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Urbex Gallery

Various photos from urbex sites around the U.K and Europe.

To safeguard locations, I will not give out location and or entry information, so please don’t ask. 


villa goddess urbex italy 1024x683 Urbex Gallerytheatre urbex italy 1024x679 Urbex Galleryitaly urbex theatre 1024x683 Urbex Galleryurbex italy theatre 1024x664 Urbex Galleryurbex crypt italy 1 1024x673 Urbex Galleryurbex crypt italy 1024x696 Urbex GalleryKnights Disco Italy Urbex 1024x683 Urbex Galleryurbex italy villa mint 1024x648 Urbex GalleryVilla Mint Urbex Italy 1024x678 Urbex Galleryvilla mint urbex 1024x694 Urbex GalleryAbandoned Villa Italy Urbex 1 1024x679 Urbex GalleryChurch Of Mood italy urbex 1024x684 Urbex Galleryurbex villa italy 1024x684 Urbex Galleryvilla urbex italy 1024x705 Urbex Galleryurbex chapel italy 1024x683 Urbex Gallerygermany urbex lego ballroom 1024x687 Urbex Gallerylego ballroom urbex germany 1024x696 Urbex Galleryred ballroom urbex germany 1024x683 Urbex Gallery

Urbex France Chateau Verdue 1024x690 Urbex Gallery

Chateau Verdure Urbex France 769x1024 Urbex Gallery

Wicker Coffin Factory Belgium Urbex 1024x683 Urbex Gallery

Wicker Coffin Factory Urbex Belgium 1024x683 Urbex Gallery

Urbex Belgium Hof Van L 1024x683 Urbex Gallery

Hof Van L Belgium Urbex 1024x680 Urbex Gallery

Grand George Urbex Belgium 1024x683 Urbex Gallery

Cross Bones Skull Centrale Begraafplaats Brugge 1024x683 Urbex GalleryMullards Telescope Urbex  1024x683 Urbex GalleryTelescope Urbex UK Mullards 1024x645 Urbex Gallery

Chateau VP Belgium Urbex 737x1024 Urbex Gallery

Chateau Ventia Urbex Belgium 669x1024 Urbex Gallery

Centrale Begraafplaats Brugge 1024x681 Urbex Gallery

Centrale Begraafplaats Brugge Cross Bones Skull 683x1024 Urbex Gallery

Chateau Ventia Belgium Urbex 683x1024 Urbex Gallery

Belgium Urbex Chateau Ventia 1024x692 Urbex Gallery

Southall Gasometer London Urbex 698x1024 Urbex Gallery

Southall London Gasometer Urbex 1024x693 Urbex GalleryPowerplant XL Belgium Urbex 683x1024 Urbex Gallerymiranda church urbex  1024x683 Urbex Gallerychurch miranda urbex 1024x683 Urbex Gallery

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