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HFB, Belgium

HFB is a former steel works in Belgium that contains its own power station!

Dating back to 1817, this massive industrial site manufactured steel by the masses. Blast furnace No.6 was built in 1959 and was active until 2008.

After a 6am start, my girlfriend and I headed for HFB, after driving around the site a couple of times I was starting to doubt whether we’d make it in because of the huge amount of razor wire surrounding the perimeter, but I had a hunch where we might be able to get in, and I was right! We finally made it in.

Once we were on site we soon discovered there were builders with diggers etc on site (I’m not to sure what they were doing, whether it was maintenance or demolition) we quickly navigated our way around them, despite being out in the open and made our way to the huge blast furnace. This thing was huge and had an awesome steampunk feel to it!
After taking some shots of the blast furnace we headed over to the power station.


HFB Control Room Urbex hfb belgium urbex blast furnace hfb belgium urbex blast furnace control room hfb belgium urbex control panel blast furnace hfb belgium urbex control panel hfb belgium urbex control room hfb belgium urbex external photo hfb belgium urbex external steelworks hfb belgium urbex external hfb belgium urbex steelworks hfb belgium urbex turbine hall hfb belgium urbex turbine HFB Blast Furnace Urbex Belgium


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