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Italian road trip, November 2017

The Italian Road Trip.

This trip took months of planning, from researching locations to booking the hire car, I’d be lying if I said it was the easiest trip I’d planned, but it all paid off in the end! And we had an amazing time.

Today’s the day!

Through blood, sweat and tears (mainly sweat) I successfully managed to fund the trip, the day had finally arrived, with a stupid o’clock wake up call, i set off to meet Fran, Matt and Paul at Gatwick.

After a painful check in, because Fran decided to try to check her bag in on a broken check in machine we were finally on the plane and off to Milan! 

Eager to start recording I attached my GoPro to the plane window to capture the beautiful sunrise from the sky.

We made it to Milan!

The weather was pretty miserable, but that didn’t stop us from hitting the roads and exploring the beautiful country, our first explore was an  abandoned hospital, this place was the only location to ever genuinely send chills down my spine, and I’ve no idea why!

After a few days of depressing rain, the weather finally cleared up, and we were heading into the mountains to explore a derelict building that had a stunning view!

Driving around this beautiful country was such an amazing experience, the views were out of this world. 

Italy Landscape

Learning the culture! 

Obviously we had to try some real Italian food, pizza was at the top of the list for everyone else, but for me it was a good spaghetti bolognese!

 After finding out that it was actually called Ragu (I should’ve known, being a chef) I finally found a restaurant that had it on the menu! it was definitely worth hunting for.

 This was unexpected, After a lovely sleep at a country house, we were served chocolate cake for breakfast. 


Exploring in Italy was like no other, most of the locations we visited weren’t vandalised, which was a nice surprise! We had a lot of locations on the map, and not enough time to visit all of them, so we all chose which ones we’d most like to see. 
We visited a range of locations, from crypts to asylums and mansions.

Good times with good friends!

While we were exploring an abandoned crypt we arranged to meet a fellow local explorer, Alessandro, who showed us a stunning derelict building in the middle of a local town, we were lucky to be there as only a handful of people had seen it!

Welcome to Switzerland!

After seeing the beautiful Swiss alps from the plane window, we all decided that a great way to end the trip would be to drive up to Locarno for the night and spend the last day there.
We stopped off on the way up to Locarno to take in the blissful scenery that surrounded us.

We had some awesome times on this trip, and it was definitely one to remember!

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