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Red control room, France

This red control room lies in the heart of an abandoned power station in France, that has been partially demolished, unfortunately the turbine hall was completely stripped too. I’ve been unable to find information on this power station, but could see that the hall only ever contained 2 turbines.

We managed to get into this place without any troubles and quickly found our way to the control room, upon entry we heard the buzzing sound from the computers that were still on, which was strange considering the state of the rest of the station.


control room france red urbex power station 1024x665 Red control room, France red control room urbex france 1024x653 Red control room, France power station france red urbex 1024x685 Red control room, France power station control room urbex france 1024x683 Red control room, France france red control room urbex 1024x682 Red control room, France

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