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Astrophotography – Milky Way & Star Trails

Astrophotography has been an interest of mine since the early days of my photography. I started off trying star trails in Old Portsmouth, Hampshire. Using Portsmouth Cathedral as a foreground, but there was too much light pollution so it washed out a lot of the stars. I then gradually progressed as I practised in darker spots of the city and around Hampshire using  different techniques and camera settings. 
As you can see, the star trails can have different effects depending on what direction you’re facing. The photo of Netley Hospital in Hampshire is facing North, With Polaris in the centre it creates circular trails. 

Star Trails are created using long exposure methods, this can be on BULB mode, or using multiple images stacked on top of each other. I use the stacking method, normally around 30 seconds for each image, and a minimum of 100 images to get enough star trails. I use a remote intervalometer so i can set it to how many shots, how long each shot will be, and how long the intervals are.

Milky Way photography is totally different to star trails. Some of the photos were taken in Eastney, Portsmouth so are still in the light polluted areas. I use a high ISO to increase the cameras sensitivity to light, making it easier for the camera to pick up stars we can’t see with the naked eye, this also creates more noise. 20-25 second exposures so the camera picks up enough light, but short enough for the stars not to trail, I also use a wide-angle, wide aperture lens to get as much in the photo as i can. I then take a longer exposure with a lower ISO for the foreground and merge the 2 together so the foreground is a lot less noisy

Durdle Door Milky Way Photograph 1024x725 Astrophotography

Durdle Door Milky Way 1024x673 Astrophotography

Durdle Door Milky Way  1024x746 Astrophotography

Durdle Door Milky Way 1 1024x879 Astrophotography

Milky Way Durdle Door Dorset 764x1024 Astrophotography

Selsey Milky Way 1 863x1024 Astrophotography

Hayling Island Milky Way 683x1024 Astrophotography

Southsea Bandstand Star Trails 1024x683 Astrophotography

Star Trails Southsea Bandstand 1024x681 Astrophotography

Southsea Castle Star Trails Astrophotography Portsmouth 1024x683 Astrophotography

Moon Halo Portsmouth 1024x683 Astrophotography

Eastney Pier Milky Way Portsmouth Astrophotography 1024x731 Astrophotography

Fraser Range Startrails Portsmouth Hampshire Astrophotography 1024x696 Astrophotography

Hayling Island Milky Way Astrophotography Hampshire 1024x784 Astrophotography

Portsmouth Milky Way Astrophotography 1024x698 Astrophotography

Portsmouth Startrails Fraser Range Hampshire Astrophotography 1024x691 Astrophotography

Selsey Milky Way 4 1024x683 Astrophotography

Selsey Milky Way Astrophotography 683x1024 Astrophotography

Milky Way Selsey Beach 1024x1024 Astrophotography

Selsey Milky Way Lifeboat Station 1024x683 Astrophotography

Milky Way Isle Of Wight Freshwater Bay 772x1024 Astrophotography

Isle Of Wight Freshwater Bay Milky Way 1024x695 Astrophotography

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