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Carmel College, Oxfordshire

Carmel College was a predominantly Jewish co-educational boarding school in England operating between 1948 and 1997. It was first situated at Greenham Common near Newbury and then at Mongewell Park near Wallingford, Oxfordshire. It was Europe’s only Jewish boarding school. It also had a very small number of pupils who were not of Jewish descent, as day pupils. Carmel College alumni are known as “Old Carmelis”; the school is sometimes said (though not by Old Carmelis) to have been the “Jewish Eton”.


Carmel-College-Urbex-Plant Carmel-College-Urbex-Chemical-Room Carmel-College-Oxfordshire-Urbex-Labs-Chair Carmel-College-Oxfordshire-Urbex-Labs Carmel-College-Science-Lab-Urbex Carmel-College-Spray-Bottle-Urbex Carmel-College-Urbex-Bottles Carmel-College-Urbex-Labs Carmel-College-Oxford-Urbex-Swimming-Pool Carmel-College-Swimming-Pool-Urbex Carmel-College-Urbex-Changing-Rooms Carmel-College-Urbex-Gym Carmel-College-Urbex-Swimming-Pool Carmel-College-Oxfordshire-Mansion-Main-Staircase

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