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The Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport

History of The Royal Hospital Haslar.

 The Hospital was founded in the reign of King George I and was designed by Theodore Jacobsen. The building was built between 1746 and 1761, but opened as a Royal Navy Hospital in 1753.

 The original design had a 4th side to the hospital, which was to include a chapel, but due to overspending on the project, it was never complete, so the hospital remained a U shape.

They later on built St. Lukes Church for the patients, staff and their families and also added a walkway between the hospital, known as the crosslinks.

When The Royal Hospital Haslar first opened, many of the patients compared it to a prison. Most of the buildings were overcrowded, and discharge patients were taking up home in the attics.

 During its time as an operating military hospital, Haslar treated casualties from all major wars, the injured and sick servicemen from Waterloo, Trafalgar and army casualties from the Crimean, as well as the two world wars and the Falklands were all cared for at Haslar Hospital.

 Haslar Hospital was the last naval hospital in the UK, and unfortunately closed in 2009. The site is now undergoing redevelopment, to turn it into houses and business sites.

Royal-Hospital-Haslar-Urbex-Morgue Royal-Hospital-Haslar-Urbex-Padded-Cell Royal-Hospital-Haslar-Urbex-Snooker Royal-Hospital-Haslar-Urbex Royal-Hospital-Hasler-Water-Tower Royal-Hospital-Water-Tower Arches-Haslar-Urbex F-Ward-Royal-Hospital-Haslar Gym-Haslar-Hospital-Urbex Haslar-Hospital-Blood-Room Haslar-Hospital-Gym Haslar-Hospital-Interior Haslar-Hospital-Lift-Area Haslar-Hospital-Padded-Cell Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-Crosslinks Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-File-Store Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-Gym Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-Scanner Haslar-Urbex-Coasters Haslar-Urbex-F-Ward Haslar-Urbex-Hospital Haslar-Urbex-Hydro-Therapy Haslar-Urbex-Padded-Cell Haslar-Urbex-Scanner Haslar-Urbex-Snooker-Hall Haslar-Urbex-Spiral-Staircase Haslar-Urbex-Staircase Haslar-Urbex-Ward-Reception Hydro-Pool-Haslar-Urbex Padded-Cell-Haslar-Hospital-Urbex Padded-Cell-Haslar-Hospital Spiral-Staircase-Haslar-Hospital Urbex-Haslar-Coasters Urbex-Haslar-Courtyard Urbex-Haslar-F-Ward Urbex-Haslar-Hospital-Spiral-Staircase Urbex-Haslar-Hospital Urbex-Haslar-Hydro-Pool Urbex-Haslar-Snooker-Hall Urbex-Hospital-Haslar-Staircase Urbex-Royal-Hospital-Haslar Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-Operating-Theatre Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-Waiting-Room Haslar-Hospital-Urbex-Wheelchair Haslar-Spiral-Staircase-Urbex Hospital-Haslar-Urbex-Operation-Theatre Urbex-Haslar-Staircase Royal-Hospital-Haslar-Rainbow



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