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Tonedale Mills, Somerset

Tonedale Mills, including Tone Mills, was a large wool factory in Wellington, Somerset that was the largest woollen mill in South West England. Owned by Fox Brothers, it was most famous for the production of “Taunton surge”, and later the khaki dye used by the British Army. The mill was established in the middle of the eighteenth century, and thrived during the industrial revolution. At its peak, around 6,500 metres of material was produced at the factory each day. The cheap cost of producing fabric in third-world countries contributed to the factory mostly closing during the 1980s.

Pt. 2 – Fox Bro’s Dye Works


Tonedale-Mills-Overgrown-Urbex Tonedale-Mills-Rusty-Urbex Tonedale-Mills-Urbex-Somerset-Wellington Tonedale-Mills-Urbex-Somerset Boiler-Room-Tonedale-Mills-Urbex-Wellington Industrial-Revolution-Boilers-Tonedale-Mills Tonedale-Mills-Boiler-Room-Somerset-Urbex Tonedale-Mills-Chimney Urbex-Fire-Extinguishers-Somerset-Tonedale-Mills Urbex-Pipeworks-Tonedale-Mills-Somerset Urbex-Tonedale-Mills Boilers-Tonedale-Mills-Urbex-Somerset Urbex-Tonedale-Mills-Industrial-Boiler

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