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Brunel House, Portsmouth

Brunel House, Portsmouth is a former Ministry of Defence office building that was used to provide accommodation to civil servants and naval officers from the 1960s until the Cold War ended.

I’ve had this building on my to-do list ever since I got in to urbex and photography, a little over 2 years ago.
After conquering Zurich House, this was the next best thing for a nice view. Unfortunately every time I’d tried to get up there, i’d failed.
Until recently, I thought id stop off there and try my luck, and surprisingly, I’d finally succeeded!
Finally, reaching the top, and seeing the view after a long wait, I was chuffed to say the least!


Brunel-House-Portsmouth-Urbex Portsmouth-Cityscape-Urbex Portsmouth-Hard-Urbex-Brunel-House-Hampshire Urbex-Portsmouth-Hampshire-Brunel-House Urbex-Portsmouth-Hampshire-Rooftop Brunel-House-Urbex-Portsmouth-Hampshire Portsmouth-Brunel-House-Urbex-Rooftop-Cityscape Portsmouth-Hampshire-Urbex-Brunel-House-Cityscape Brunel-House-Urbex-Portsmouth-Hampshire-Photography Portsmouth-photography-Cityscape-Urbex-Brunel-House Urbex-Hampshire-Portsmouth-Brunel-House-Cityscape-Photography Brunel-House-Iphoneography-Portsmouth-Photography

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