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Shoreham Cement Works, West Sussex

Shoreham Cement Works

Shoreham Cement Works situated within a limestone quarry in West Sussex was once a thriving company, and was a major employer in the local area. But unfortunately closed in 1992 and has since remained completely empty. The limestone quarry was active from 1851 to 1991, but unfortunately after 140 years of service the owners had no choice but to close up and demolish the buildings, or return it to its natural state.

Rumour now has it, that the site is awaiting redevelopment, and is going to be turned into 2000+ eco-friendly houses that will be built into the landscape.


Shoreham-Cement-Works-External-View Shoreham-Cement-Works-Pipes-Urbex Shoreham-Cement-Works-Urbex-Pipes

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